May Monthly Update - From the Top

01/06/2018 | Honours & Awards, Achievements, Direction, Technology, Monthly update | National

Keeping you connected with what’s going on with communities and the change we are going through is crucial as we build the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand.In this month’s FENZ Update you will find insights into how we are working together on the front line and behind the scenes. There’s a lot going on – some of it is obvious to everyone and some involves planning and thinking and changing that isn’t quite so visible.

3, 2, 1 – our role in lift-off

26/01/2018 | Achievements | National

With 3,500kg kerosene and 8,500kg liquid oxygen on board – and the usual risks around getting a rocket into space – Fire and Emergency NZ played a crucial role in providing on-the-ground safety and support to prepare for the worst case scenario during last weekend’s Rocket Lab test launch. Luckily it wasn’t needed.