April Monthly Update - From the top

21/04/2018 | National

Welcome to the April edition of the Fire and Emergency NZ Update. This edition reminds us of our commitment to the safety, health and wellbeing of our people, and focuses on new initiatives and support delivered this year, including the roll our new identity out across fleet, property, and uniform.

Supporting Volunteering

20/04/2018 | National

Across all parts of Fire and Emergency New Zealand, initiatives are underway to improve resources, capability and systems for our personnel, including volunteers. With volunteers making up around 11,000 of our personnel, and being recognised in our legislation, it important that we improve our support for them.

Rolling out our new identity

20/04/2018 | National

Our new identity is a tangible sign of change that we are a new organisation, and we want to introduce it as soon as practical. At the same time, we need to ensure we get it right – particularly when introducing it to more than 14,000 people, approximately 700 buildings, and 2500 vehicles. The roll out is progressing well, across property, fleet and uniform.

New stations opened in the south

19/04/2018 | National

Officially opened by Rhys Jones on Saturday 3 March, Ashburton Fire Station’s $1M refurbishment brings its urban and rural fire services together under one roof for the first time, following the national launch of Fire and Emergency NZ in Ashburton on 1 July last year.

Volunteering through the ages

19/04/2018 | National

Second generation volunteer firefighter Yonni Kepes is an active member of his local Canterbury community. “It is really important to volunteer for your community," says 17-year-old Yonni.