We’re changing the way we manage complaints - from initial enquiries through to resolution. 

Our new service, Speak Safe @ Fair Way will launch on 29 April. 

You told us you want a safe, external and independent channel where you can raise concerns, especially before those concerns become a complaint. 

We’re partnering with Fair Way to deliver Speak Safe @ Fair Way - a safe, external and independent service available to all - volunteers and contractors too.  

Speak Safe @ Fair Way is replacing the Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO) and will work differently. 

Speak Safe @ Fair Way is external and independent. You can call for advice about an issue or raise a concern and Fair Way won’t progress anything without consent from you or notify Fire and Emergency without permission. Ever.    

In fact, you’re in charge of the process and Speak Safe @ Fair Way will ensure you have the information you need to make decisions about how you’d like to proceed.  

You don’t need a complaint to access the service. If you just want some information or advice about an issue at work, you can call Speak Safe @ Fair Way and get it – confidentially. 

Come to a Meet the Practitioners online session to hear from Fair Way and Fire and Emergency about how Speak Safe @ Fair Way works. It’s your chance to get more information and ask questions too. There will be different session times to choose from, to suit your roster and other commitments. 

Session details will soon be published on the Portal. Here you can also access more information about Speak Safe @ Fair Way.  

People with current cases or who need to make a complaint before 29 April 2024

While Speak Safe @ Fair Way is being established, the Behaviour and Conduct Office continues to provide support to anyone who makes contact.

If you have a current case with the BCO, the BCO will continue working through the process with you without interruption to ensure the safe resolution of your case. You’ll receive plenty of notice and support if things change before your complaint is resolved.  

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