If you can't find the information you are looking for in these pages, check with your managers first. Email covid@fireandemergency.nz if they couldn't answer your question.

Latest updates Link

The link in the title above takes you to a live page that includes new updates from Friday to Friday inclusive. 


Non-response activities

This page has information about how we manage our non-response business-as-usual activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving from Alert Level 4 to 3 and beyond.

COVID-19 Information video series

This page has some great informational videos from our people, explaining the nature of COVID-19 and talking about information and demonstrating procedures for our people on the front-line.

Feeling unwell?

Information about what to do if you are (or someone in your bubble is) unwell, either with COVID-19 or another cold or flu-like illness.

Welfare and wellbeing

This page has information about how we can all take care of our our welfare, our physical and psychological wellbeing throughout the COVID-19 situation and response.

Childcare support

There is support for essential workers to access childcare if they are unable to make their own arrangements. This page has information about who is eligible.

2020 Free flu vaccinations

This page has the instructions about how to get your 2020 free flu vaccinations, for all operational personnel.

Events and activities

This page has information about how we manage our community education activities and other events during the pandemic response


This page has a glossary of the terms we are using during the COVID-19 pandemic response

Leave and sick leave

This page contains information about sick leave and annual leave during the COVID-19 response