As of 11:59 pm on Monday, August 14, 2023, the government lifted all remaining COVID-19 restrictions. 

We are currently in the process of reviewing and archiving COVID-19 specific documentation, while also updating our business-as-usual (BAU) procedures where necessary. The following link provides the names of these documents, along with their review status and where there are links to relevant BAU procedures. 

 COVID-19 Document Status(external link)


  Service Delivery -Baseline health measures Link removed page archived 2024-04-09 KMS 

Training course health measures 

Read our policy on Rapid Antigen Testing for household contacts  Read our procedure on Rapid Antigen Testing for household contacts

Vaccination Information

This page holds information about Vaccinations, Health Order requirements, and our Vaccination policy.


This section holds stores information and documents for all Alert Levels of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Info in here is also available from the relevant Alert Level page.

Feeling unwell?

Information about what to do if you are (or someone in your bubble is) unwell, either with COVID-19 or another cold or flu-like illness.

Welfare and wellbeing

This page has information about how we can all take care of our our welfare, our physical and psychological wellbeing throughout the COVID-19 situation and response.