Cyril Tamati

18/07/2020 | In Memoriam | National

New Plymouth Fire Brigade advises of the passing of retired firefighter and Gold Star member Cyril Tamati on Thursday 16 July 2020. The funeral will be held at Eagars Funerals, Te Henui Chapel,  Lemon Street New Plymouth on Monday 20 July at 1pm.

Ray Beech

17/07/2020 | In Memoriam | National

Mercer Volunteer Fire Brigade advises of the passing of Retired Chief Fire Officer Ray Beech on 16 July 2020. Ray joined the Mercer Brigade on 4 February 1969 and was CFO with the brigade from 1973 until retiring on 8 February 1990.

Paul Weaver

01/07/2020 | In Memoriam | National

Auckland (Central and Western Divsions) informs you of the passing of Michael Paul Weaver, on 27 June 2020. Paul served from 1976 and retired a Senior Firefighter in 1991.

Jack Thompson

24/06/2020 | In Memoriam | National

Paraparaumu Fire Brigade advises of the passing of Life Honorary and Gold Star member Jack Thompson.   

Jack passed away on Saturday the 20th June and his funeral is at the Kapiti Funeral Home (9 Hinemoa Street, Paraparaumu) this Thursday the 25th June at 2pm.

Lola Percy

23/06/2020 | In Memoriam | National

Te Uri Voluntary Rural Fire Force advises of the passing of former Deputy Controller Lola Percy on Sunday 21 June 2020.