Fire and Emergency seeking community voices for new Local Advisory Committees

12/03/2024 | Recruitment, Strategic relationships | Ngā Tai ki te Puku (previously Region 2), Te Ūpoko (previously Region 3), Te Ihu (previously Region 4), Te Kei (previously Region 5), National

We’re on a journey towards having a committee in every district across the country. We are establishing four additional LACs, in Southland, Taranaki, Waikato and Nelson-Tasman. At the same time, we are also recruiting for new members for our existing Hawke’s Bay LAC. 

Understanding our role in Readiness and Recovery: Waiharara/Kaimaumau Recovery Research and Hawke’s Bay Recovery Team Pilot Evaluation released

26/01/2023 | Community engagement | Te Ūpoko (previously Region 3), Te Hiku (previously Region 1), National

Traditionally, Fire and Emergency has concentrated on risk reduction and response activities. With the adoption of the widely recognised approach to emergency management: the 4Rs of reduction, readiness, response and recovery, the readiness and recovery parts are still relatively new to the organisation.