Highlights from Volunteer Week 21–27 June 2020

You can find highlights from Volunteer Week 2020 here(external link).


Volunteer Week images for social media 

You can download and use these on your own or your brigade's page.

If you are a brigade social media admin, make sure you have joined our Fire and Emergency Social Media Admins group(external link)

Facebook profile picture frame
available on our
Fire and Emergency NZ Facebook page(external link)

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For Facebook and Instagram

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Great for Facebook and Instagram stories

Facebook cover photo [JPG, 382 KB] thanking our supporters for all the family moments we missed when the pager went off. [JPG, 382 KB]

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Thank you cards

You might like to thank the people who support you, be it whānau, friends, employers or others at Fire and Emergency. Print or download and attach to an email and say "Thanks!"

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 Here's a video from us to you.

Share the links to the website or create posts from the content. See all the stories at https://www.fireandemergency.nz/nvw/(external link)
Ken Keenan, Brigade Controller

Scylla de Magalhaes, Qualified Firefighter and Brigade Support

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Henry Grey, Firefighter

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Mike Todd, Operational Support

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Louise Grevel, Recruit Firefighter

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Marilyn Barbarich, Firefighter

Read Marilyn's story(external link)

Matt Owens, Recruit Firefighter

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Kelli Sutton, Operational Support

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Seth Rance, Senior Station Officer

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