Volunteer Engagement Model Project

(Previously called the agreements of service and model rules project)

The project seeks to strengthen the relationship between Fire and Emergency and volunteers, so together we can best serve our communities.

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The workshops are designed to give our people an appreciation and understanding of what life is like for Fire and Emergency volunteers.

Each participant develops individual and/or team actions to better incorporate a volunteer lens into their everyday mahi. Here is some of the feedback received on the workshops:

  • 'Thank you for the session today, it gave me some really valuable insights which I can take back to my work and gave me some useful connections across the business.'
  • 'Gives a different view on a volunteer perspective. Greater awareness. It was nice to hear personal stories with a human element.'

The Team are holding more of these sessions in the coming months and would love to see more NHQ personnel take the opportunity to attend.

The upcoming workshops are targeted at Wellington-based employees, as travel costs to and from Wellington are not covered. All workshops will be held at a volunteer station around Wellington.

The workshops run from 0900hrs to 1300hrs on one Wednesday a month from March. Transport from NHQ and back is available for those who require it. Morning tea and lunch will also be provided.

It only takes a couple of minutes to register through the links below. We’ll get back to you to confirm your participation.

For any queries, please email teamvolunteerism@fireandemergency.nz

In December 2023 the Volunteerism Team started the Volunteer Voice Project. The project is aimed at setting the foundations for a more sustainable and consistent approach of consulting and involving volunteers in our organisational decision-making.

Where we are up to
General guidance documents have been developed to support teams across the organisation when working on projects or initiatives that will impact on or affect volunteers. These will help teams understand, when and how to consult with volunteers in their decision-making process.

What are the next steps
We will be taking an individual approach when introducing teams to the guidance documents to get a better understanding of how we can support individual teams and roles across the organisation in getting familiarised with the guidance, and to understand what other resources need to be in place to take this work forward.

We will also be continuing our work on engagement mechanisms, to understand what groups and networks we already have in place to seek and capture the Volunteer Voice and where the gaps are, so we can complement those.

For any queries or to find out more, please email teamvolunteerism@fireandemergency.nz

When volunteers attend a incident, the reality is some employers will close their business, or continue to trade with reduced staff. Some of our Self-employed volunteers and employers asked if we had any signage to support communicate this reality to the customers of their businesses, while they responded to an incident.

We have created the ‘Reduced Staff’ and ‘Back Soon’ signage which helps to explain why a business may have had to close unexpectedly, or service may be taking a bit longer than usual. The signs can be displayed on a countertop, at point of sale, in a workspace, or on a window.

Our second addition is our new “Reserved for our Volunteer Firefighters” sign, this  allows employers to reserve specific parking spots for their volunteer employees, allowing their volunteer the chance to respond even more quickly when they are called to support their community.

Find out more about the customer-facing signage available here.

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