Every day, businesses and organisations across New Zealand support Fire and Emergency New Zealand by allowing and supporting their employees to respond to call-outs. Employers are essential to ensuring we can continue to keep our communities safe.

We’re committed to increasing public awareness of the contribution these employers and self-employed volunteers make.

We have a programme of work to promote and recognise our employers. Check these out below.

Our Proud Employer mark

Our ‘Proud Employer’ mark makes it possible for employers to show their local community they’re part of our support crew.

Our Proud Employer campaign 2021

Our ‘Proud Employer’ nationwide campaign will help New Zealand communities recognise businesses and organisations that support us, as a part of our support crew.

Register your employer

Make sure you’ve registered your business if you are self-employed or your employer as a member of the Fire and Emergency support crew.

Our recognition signage

Make sure your brigade has up-to-date signage on trucks and at the station that lists the support of local businesses.

Hold an employer event

Find out how we can help you to host your employers at a special evening in recognition of their support.