Last December, we launched a new campaign for career firefighter recruitment which focused on some of the characteristics needed to be a career firefighter - team players who will bring selflessness, energy, and courage to the role. The campaign performed extremely well, helping to drive a total of 739 applications for the round - a 54% increase on the previous round.

For this application round, we wanted to build on the success of the previous campaign by further considering the needs of our target audience and what drives them to apply. We recognised that we needed to increase people’s knowledge of the role to break down barriers and encourage more people to think about becoming a career firefighter.

We needed the videos to be engaging and entertaining as well as educational, so we used a game of literal hot potato to ask our career firefighters questions under pressure. The result is a set of videos featuring our people, who know the job better than anyone, answering questions in their own words and encouraging people to apply.

You can watch one of the videos below or check out all five of them here: Hot Potato: Career firefighters answer your FAQ's - YouTube(external link)

If you know someone who would make an amazing career firefighter, why not send them a video or two? Or encourage them to learn more and apply now at link)

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