Fire and Emergency’s travel provider is changing. From 26 June 2024, all staff travel bookings will be processed by our new travel provider, Tandem Travel.

Travel booking requests submitted until 25 June 2024 will be processed using Orbit Travel for journeys taking place before or on 31 July 2024. If you need after hours assistance or travel arrangements for an emergency response up until 31 July, contact Orbit Travel as per usual process.

Travel booking requests submitted for travel taking place from 1 August 2024 onwards will be processed by the Travel Office using Tandem Travel. These booking requests will not be processed until after 26 June 2024 unless there is a good reason for doing so earlier, such as pricing or availability for group bookings. People can still submit travel requests however booking confirmations will be sent out after 26 June 2024.

Read example scenarios [PDF, 185 KB]

While the change doesn’t impact the current booking process, if you’re travelling on or after 1 August, you can expect the following:

  • The booking confirmation will come from the Travel Office, as per current process, however it will contain a new look Tandem Travel itinerary.
  • Personnel needing emergency or deployment related travel where a coordination centre is stood up will need to contact Tandem Travel via their dedicated deployment phone line. This applies to both domestic and international travel.
  • In case of travel disruptions, our people will need to contact Tandem Travel (outside of Travel Office’s business hours).
  • For those approving staff travel, the approval request will come from Tandem Travel. View Authoriser Guide. [PDF, 397 KB]

If you need support during this time, please contact the Travel Office at

Read FAQs [PDF, 179 KB]

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