Scannable is a new safety equipment management system the Equipment and Logistics Team is implementing for all our line rescue and height safety personal protective equipment.

Scannable(external link) is a widely used mobile phone/device and web-based app. It uses a technology called near-field communication (NFC) that enables two electronic devices to communicate over a distance of four centimetres or less. Items of equipment are chipped/tagged, and the app scans the chip/tag to provide instant identification and information on the scanned item.

National Equipment and Logistics Manager, Charlie Lott, said Scannable will enable line rescue and height safety operational equipment managers and operators to maintain accurate and up to date records of their line rescue and working at heights kits.

‘Scannable will remove the need for paper-based recording of use and inspections of equipment, as well as providing accurate and real-time service life information on any given item. This includes information such as serial numbers, date of first use, manufacturer’s specifications, and compliance documents. It will also help us with knowing when equipment is coming up to expiry and needs replacing.’

Charlie said Scannable will be introduced in two phases:

  1. Equipment and Logistics is working with Suppliers to add new equipment into the Scannable database when it is delivered. This will be followed by retrospectively entering all existing equipment into the database.
  2. Once all line rescue and working at heights equipment is entered into the database, Scannable user training will be rolled out to all personnel who may be required to use and inspect the equipment.

‘This is a large body of work for the Equipment and Logistics Team, but the priority is to get expiring equipment replaced and into the Scannable system. Detailed information can be updated at a later stage as time allows.’



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