The National Women's Advisory Committee's (NWAC) purpose is to facilitate information flow from the ‘shop floor’ to the highest level of the organisation, identify barriers, provide advice and find solutions, and to celebrate the success of our women. The committee is composed of:

  • 10 regional representatives, made up of one volunteer and one career staff member from each of the five regions.
  • a national rural representative
  • the national women’s advisor
  • an external chairperson
  • a representative from the operational leadership team


Region Representatives
Te Hiku

Sarah Capon

Dora Dehar

Ngā Tai ki te Puku

Renee Potae

Trudi Hicklin

Te Ūpoko

Belinda Cadzow

Deborah Northe

Te Ihu

Donna Lindsay

Bella Clark-Melchers

Te Kei

Sally Chesterfield

Judith Patterson

Rural representative Leanne Cryer
Diversity/Male Champions

Mike Grant

Paul Henderson

Mathew Abel

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