Sometimes it's easy to feel like you are the only one speaking up. WFENZ 's network is here to support you.

International and local research indicates for many women working in fire and emergency industries, particularly those that work in gender isolation, networking is hugely beneficial.

Informal discussions amongst others who understand the nature of the job and the culture, can help to create a safe, inclusive atmosphere.

WFENZ provides opportunities to network and make connections with other women in fire services roles.

WFENZ Facebook group

This is a closed Facebook group(external link) for female Fire and Emergency personnel so we have a space to share ideas, support and inspire each other. If you are a woman in Fire and Emergency New Zealand, you are welcome to join the group. Please send your request through on Facebook.

WFENZ Regional and National Networks

We have established a network of 10 regional representatives, made up of one volunteer and one career staff member from each of the five regions. Each region has representatives from their area at meetings held throughout New Zealand.

We encourage everyone to attend a meeting when they are held in your area/region. The aim of the meetings is to create a safe inclusive space, where our women can discuss any issues we have, share the good things that’s happening, and enjoy the opportunity to network with other women working in similar roles. Feedback from past meetings has been extremely positive

Should anyone need to contact us for support or advice, or to find out who your area/region representative is, please email:

National Women's Advisory Committee (NWAC)

The NWAC’s purpose is to facilitate information flow from the ‘shop floor’ to the highest level of the organisation, identify barriers, provide advice and find solutions, and to celebrate the success of our women. The committee is composed of:

  • the 10 regional representatives
  • a national rural representative
  • the national women’s advisor
  • an external chairperson
  • a representative from the operational leadership team

International networking

At an international level, we have members who are on the board of  Women and Firefighting Australasia (WAFA)(external link)

Global links

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