O’Week season is in full swing across the motu and our teams have been popping up at universities in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Canterbury, Otago and Invercargill to engage one of our high-risk audience – young people living in rental accommodation – and encourage them to ‘stay off the stove’ if they’re drunk or high.

Our stalls proved highly popular with students, many of whom recognised the ‘You’re Cooked’ campaign messages. Students were incentivised to take part in an online Fire Safety Quiz using giveaways like air fryers, Uber Eats vouchers and ‘You’re Cooked’ goodie bags containing a magnet cookbook, baked beans, chips and noodles, prompting many useful fire awareness kōrero with our advisors, firefighters and volunteers.

There have been over 1,000 responses to our online Fire Safety Quiz so far. This is more data than we’ve ever gathered at the O’Week events and will be invaluable in providing further insight into fire safety behaviour among some of our highest risk audiences.

Some interesting stats about our audience that came out of the Fire Safety Quiz:

  • 65% of respondents live with four or more people
  • Nearly 70% cook most meals on the stove
  • 65% say they never cook while drunk or high
  • Over 75% say they have working smoke alarms
  • Over 75% say they have a three-step escape plan

Our staff attending the events said it has been heartening to see the number of students who were already familiar with the ‘You’re Cooked’ campaign. Feedback from our people across the country is that the campaign shows understanding and insight into students’ habits and behaviours, and is a fun way to introduce and promote fire safety to this new stage of their lives.

Staff also noted an increased sensibility of new students - many are more conscious of world issues, sustainability, and their safety than what we might be used to seeing.

Here’s what our people said:

I must say that in the 17 years I have been around, this You’re Cooked Campaign and the collateral with it is probably the best we have had for events such as these.

The signage/stand/framework are perfect – looks professional and carries the right messages!  It’s easy to put up and pack down and see by our photo’s the backdrop fits perfectly across the back of our gazebo!

The recipes all create a lot of interest and some good talking points/banter amongst the younger male students especially (the ones who like to party!!).

On the whole, it was a great couple of days, and we had hundreds, if not thousands, of interactions with the students. The campaign was very well received by that demographic and many commented on it, so well done to marketing. 

A big shout out to all the Fire and Emergency staff who took time to represent the organisation and promote the ‘You’re Cooked’ campaign.

If you’d like to use ‘You’re Cooked’ for your event, please reach out to your District’s Community Risk Management team.

Find out more about the ‘You’re Cooked’ campaign on the Portal(external link).

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