This week, we’ve launched a new phase of our Escape Planning campaign aimed at ensuring more New Zealand households have a Mahere Rerenga Tāwhai-3 | 3-Step-Escape Plan. We’re focusing on the Intenders audience’s mindset from our segmentation model. They tend to be busy parents running busy households. They have the best intentions to keep their whānau safe, but they just don’t get around to making an escape plan.


To convert these good intentions into action, we’ve developed powerful new content, designed to show that while three minutes is all a house fire needs to kill, three minutes is all it takes to make an escape plan and survive.

Slotting into the typically three-minute long ad break on TV, a series of our TV ads will show a clock counting down in 5 second ad spots throughout an ad break. Each time the ad comes on there will be less and less time to make a plan. We see a fire progressively getting worse in the background as the timer counts down. The ad then directs individuals to link).


We will also surround these powerful TV executions with social, digital, radio and street furniture advertising to convert the intent into a completed escape plan.


Find out more and access campaign resources(external link)


A big thank you to all involved in the burn at the National Training Centre in Rotorua, we couldn’t have done it without your help and expertise.

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot day:

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