What is this notification for?

We are nearing the completion of the deployment of the new Fire Weather System (FWSYS) Ecoconnect Application version 3 and want to remind you that the old version will no longer be available from 28 August.

If you haven’t completed the software installation or are having issues with the installation, we want to hear from you. We also remind you that training material on how to use the new software is available and encourage you to complete this as soon as possible.

What training is available?

  • Login details - Because Ecoconnect is a NIWA application you need to use your Ecoconnect username and password. If you can’t remember what your password and login is please contact us as below and we will get this re-sent to you. New logins for Ecoconnect can be requested by completing the details using this link: https://portal.fireandemergency.nz/forms/fire-weather-system-registration-form(external link)(external link)
  • Training - Training on the new software is provided through a series of online video tutorials that you can watch at any time that suits you. There are separate videos for the different functions meaning you can watch as many that are relevant to your situation and what you use EcoConnect for. The videos will remain available so you can view these at any time in the future should you need a refresher on how to use a particular function.
  • Online video tutorials(external link)(external link) – a series of video tutorials have been provided to assist users with understanding the new application, tools and functionality. Each video is tailored to each part of the application that has changed or where new functions have been implemented, with step-by-step instructions and advice

Additional support is also available as follows: 

  • User Guide(external link)(external link) – a detailed guide is provided to assist users with understanding the new application, tools and functionality
  • Alerts transition guide(external link)(external link) – a guide is provided to assist users to transition any alerts that users have created from version 2 to version 3 software
  • Question and Answer sessions with NIWA and Fire and Emergency support teams and subject matters experts will be provided, dates have yet to be defined
  • One-on-one remote tutorials will be available where requested

Do we have to use Ecoconnect?

Ecoconnect is designed for the user wanting to do a lot of analysis, access specific map products, or carry out specific functions (setup alerts, change curing values, setup reports etc). Rich observation and forecast weather information is available in Ecoconnect and can also be accessed through the NIWA website https://fireweather.niwa.co.nz/(external link)(external link).   

Can I continue to use the old Ecoconnect version?

The old version will cease to exist after 28 August, and you will need to be using the new Ecoconnect application by this time.

While you can continue to use the old version until that date, we don’t recommend this as we have experienced some difficulties keeping the old version running.

It’s also important that you begin training and changing to the new version as soon as possible.

Who do I contact if I need help?

If you have any questions please contact either Tim Mitchell or Stuart Waring

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