Over the coming weeks we’ll be encouraging the public to create an escape plan for their household by making it as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Getting people to install and maintain smoke alarms and develop an escape plan are our top behaviour change priorities, as the need to be alerted to a fire and get out safely is relevant to all house fires regardless of cause.

To ensure more New Zealand households have quality escape plans, research showed there are a couple of key misconceptions we need to address:

  1. That “we’ll just walk out the front door” is an escape plan.
  2. That creating an escape plan is difficult. 

Enter, our 3-Step Escape Plan

This latest campaign breaks down developing an escape plan into three simple steps that are easy and achievable for everyone.

  1. First Escape Route
  2. Second Escape Route
  3. Meeting Place

The campaign will appear on social media and online from 25 October 2021, and from 28 October 2021 on TV (mainstream and online), radio, in print and street signage. It will run to the end of November. This campaign will be supported by phase two, Escape Week, in February 2022.

Spreading the word

You can help us boost the number of households with escape plans by sharing the simplified process while engaging with people in your community.

More information and resources can be found here.

Our online escape planning tool at www.escapemyhouse.co.nz(external link)(external link) has also been updated to reflect the 3-Step Escape Plan. Please check it out!

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