Further Tranche 3 People Branch appointments

Earlier this month, I provided an update on the recruitment process for the new leadership positions under the reorganised People Branch structure that was announced in February as part of the tranche 3 decisions made earlier this year.

Since then, we have completed the recruitment for three other leadership positions and today I am pleased to confirm the following appointments:

  • Rachael Thorp – National Manager People Services
  • Chris Wells – Chief Advisor Key Relationships
  • Brighid Jamieson – Chief Advisor Volunteerism

I would like to congratulate each of these individuals on their appointments. It’s great to be able to appoint our internal people into these key roles.

We are very close to confirming an appointment to final National Manager People Experience role, and we expect to be in a position to announce this within the next week. 

Stand up of the People Branch

We will be taking a phased approach to the stand-up of the People Branch. To help with this transition, and to ensure the continuation of critical workstreams, we have some people coming across from the Integration Team to join the People Branch. I would like to welcome the following people who will be joining the People Branch today:

  • Roy Breeze – Roy will assist with set up of the new People Branch functions and provide operational expertise and knowledge to key People Branch projects
  • Joss Debreceny – Joss will be working alongside Mandy Simpson as another Chief Advisor to me with a focus on supporting the implementation of the Service Delivery and approach to rank decisions announced on 11 June. Reporting to Joss are:
    • Clare Lawrence (Senior Project Manager) and her team
    • Kathy Bolter, (Change Lead) and her team

As part of our phased approach various parts of the People Branch leadership structure will be stood up at different times over the coming weeks with the intent of having all functions stood up on 20 July. The only exception will be the People Experience function which will have interim arrangements in place until mid-August.

Here is a link to our high-level structure chart [PDF, 116 KB], which outlines the leadership structure for the People Branch.

Work is underway to build the teams that sit under each of these new functions and I will provide you with a further update on this in the coming weeks.

Ngā mihi


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