Our ICT team continues to work on improving our systems and networks to ensure these are up to date and working as required.

This week will see two upgrades completed. The first is related to the ongoing supportability of the platform that receives and processes ICAD information from Police, which will most notably impact the Mobile Response Application and Availability and Messaging System. The second involves the Fire and Emergency Fire Permit System, which facilitates applying for, issuing of, and management of fire permits across Aotearoa.

The expected outages from these upgrades are listed below.

Upgrade one

When: Wednesday, June 22 from 9am – 11.15am

Impact: There will be three very short outages to the feed from Police to the AMS/Mobility applications during this period - any information not able to be automatically retransmitted will be manually entered to ensure no loss of information in AMS/Mobility.

Should you still experience issues with AMS or Mobility outside of the upgrade window, please call the IT Service Desk on 0800 374 843 option 1, or alternatively email: ITSupport@fireandemergency.nz

Upgrade two

When: 4pm Friday, 24 June – 4pm Sunday, 26 June.

Impact: The Fire and Emergency Fire Permit System will be unavailable during this time. The Fire Permit team has been notified of this. The outage/upgrade is being completed at this time of the year as there are comparatively very few fire permit applications during winter as apposed to spring/summer.

The ICT team will also be completing further upgrades to this system across the rest of the year.

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