Our ICT teams are working on implementation of the replacement Āwhina-Evacuation Schemes application. 

Whilst the implementation will be running over the entire weekend, it also requires an irregular outage window to m.Pad and Online Services this weekend.  The outage windows are as the below: 

Outage: 3pm Friday, 10 February 2023 to 6pm Friday, 10 February 2023 

This outage will impact the following applications and services: 

  • M.Pad as a whole (Evacuation Schemes and Fire Investigations) 
  • Online Services 

From this point, Online Services (OLS) will remain offline until 9am Monday 13th February, and all users will be redirected to the new Evacuation Schemes Online Services. M.Pad will be available again after 6pm on 10 February for Fire Investigations only.

What to Expect: 

Go-Live:  9am Monday 13th February 

Following the go live, m.Pad will look a little different, Evacuation Schemes workflows will be hidden. Some users may no longer be able to access m.Pad (if their sole use of m.Pad was for Evacuation Schemes). As of Monday m.Pad will function as usual for Fire Investigators. 

Online Services users will be rerouted to the new Awhina Evacuation Schemes page.  OLS will look a little different also, due to the relocation and upgrade of the Evacuation Scheme application. 

If personnel experience any issues with these applications and services outside of these outage windows, please call the IT Service Desk on 0800 374 843 option 1, alternatively email: ITSupport@fireandemergency.nz 

If you would like more information visit M.I.K.E(external link) 

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