The Audit and Risk Committee of the Board has approved the Internal Audit Plan for the current year and beyond.

The plan includes a list and description of the audits to be completed, all of which were selected for their alignment with our strategic priorities.  

Several internal audits are undertaken throughout the year by the Internal Audit Team and these are designed to provide independent assurance that:

  • controls are in place to address risks and ensure objectives are met
  • Fire and Emergency’s processes and procedures are efficient and effective
  • these processes and procedures align with good business practice

Through audits, improvements are made that help to ensure the organisation meets our objectives.

Internal audits can touch on many parts of the organisation. For example, the team will be reviewing cyber security issues in working from home, processes used in awarding Brigade Funding Grants, safe handling of chemicals, contractor management and the use of purchasing cards to buy hardware and software, to name just a few.

The Internal Audit Team also works closely with the Operational Efficiency Team on some joint audits. Upcoming examples include reviews of fire investigations, incident management capability, and fire control measures – hazard removal.

In addition, Independent Quality Assurance Reviews, will be undertaken on some key projects to provide management with insight into their performance and effectiveness.

What’s involved in an internal audit?

Before an audit begins, the Internal Audit Team will work with management to establish a clear scope which will ensure we get the most value from the audit.

Teams and people involved will then work with the Internal Audit team to provide background on the audit subject area, answer questions and provide evidence and other materials to support the completion of the audit.

Following the audit, recommendations for improving processes and mitigating risks may be provided.

The plan is on the Portal

More information

For more information on Fire and Emergency’s Internal Audit, please contact Russell Third, Internal Audit Manager (


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