With a hotter, drier, and windier El Niño summer leading to a recent spike in vegetation fires, we are continuing to ensure our national wildfire campaign focuses on preventing wildfires and increasing our communities’ readiness. A key part of this strategy is helping rural and semi-rural communities prevent a land management fire getting out of control.

A new ‘How to safely burn crop residue’ video has been developed to show rural and semi-rural communities how they can minimise risk when carrying out crop residue burns on their property, a common way to clear old crop residue in preparation for new planting. The video covers off important advice around:

  • fire permitting and council requirements
  • weather conditions
  • required gear and equipment

The crop residue burns video will be promoted to the public until March 2024.

Check out the video on checkitsalright.nz (external link)or view below:

Thanks to all involved in making this video.

This video is part of our 2023-24 National Wildfire Readiness and Prevention campaign. Find out more about the campaign on the Portal and access campaign resources.

If you have any questions about the campaign, get in touch with kelley.toy@fireandemergency.nz

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