Get Firewise, Māui-tinei-ahi and Open Home programme resources are engaging and practical tools for our people to arm our communities with fire safety knowledge and start positive conversations. Both programme’s resources have now been updated, based on feedback and research to ensure they stay fit for purpose and reflect our organisation’s and our communities’ needs.

Get Firewise and Māui-tinei-ahi

Get Firewise and Māui-tinei-ahi is our flagship programme in providing foundational fire safety learning for tamariki and their whanau in the classroom setting. Following extensive research and evaluation of the programme, our team have invested significantly in building new Get Firewise and Māui-tinei-ahi training and support materials for our people to use.

For those involved in the planning, engagement with schools and the delivery of our Get Firewise and Māui-tinei-ahi programme, the comprehensive suite of training modules, videos, tools and resources offer many benefits:

  • Built-in te reo options and opportunities to support our people in their te reo speaking skills such as audio clips on pronunciation and a beautifully illustrated presentation flipbook that has both English and Te Reo translations
  • Personnel can learn at their own pace
  • CRR teams can tailor the delivery of the programme’s training modules to suit various groups such as career firefighters, volunteers and new recruits
  • The tools to help plan, organise and deliver the programme are all easily accessible and downloadable through the Learning Station, Bookshelf on Portal(external link) and SMS pages.

To help increase awareness of the programme amongst schools, a marketing plan is also underway.

The Community Programmes team will start the training workshops with our teams in late August/September and the new resources will be available in September via the Learning Station.

If you have any questions about the Get Firewise and Māui-tinei-ahi programme, get in touch with the team at


Open Home

An Open Home event demonstrates the speed and toxicity of fire, the importance of having smoke alarms and a 3-Step-Escape Plan. It provides communities with a better understanding of how fire behaves and how to act responsibly around fire, therefore enabling communities to gain knowledge and understanding of fire risks, how to reduce them and how to prepare for an emergency.

We have now updated the Open Home Resource Kits following collaboration with a large focus group of our people from across the motu.

This kit includes:

  • Information to help decide if a house is suitable for an Open Home
  • a Field Guide covering who’s involved, and what’s required to run a safe and successful event
  • instructional video
  • updated visual signage and cue cards, and more.

For more information about the Open Home programme and to access all the resources, check out the new dedicated Portal page(external link).


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