On the weekend of 6th April 2024 we will be updating Learning Station. Learning Station is Fire and Emergency’s virtual training and education hub. This will ensure that Learning Station is up to date, and we can take advantage of all the latest functionality. 

There will be a period when Learning Station will be unavailable while the system is being updated and we are testing to ensure that everything works. This outage will be between 02:00 am on Saturday, 6th April and 02:00 pm on Sunday, 7th April.

After the upgrade, access to Learning Station will continue to be via: 

https://learningstation2.fireandemergency.nz/(external link) 

The Portal Quick link 

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What’s’s changing? 

This update will see changes to the look and feel of the Home page, the ‘front page’ of Learning Station. These changes will make it easier to find what you are looking for.  





After the upgrade: 


The changes include:  

  • Branding: The color will be changed to solid blue from grey to more align with Fire and Emergency New Zealand's brand. 
  • Dashboard and Widgets: The dashboard will be more customized and headers of ‘NEWS’ widget will change to ‘HELP AND INFORMATION’, ‘PROMOTED LEARNING’ will change to ‘ASSIGNED LEARNING’. 


We have also updated the Catalogue, with new categories and subcategories to assist with locating relevant eResources.  

There will be a change in the way the ‘TOPICS’ under the catalogue looks like. 

More in-depth support material will be available after the upgrade in the Help section which you will be able to find through the new Help and Information menu. See the screenshot below for a preview of the new layout. Note that depending on your role in the system you may see slightly different items 


We would like to remind users that the preferred browsers for accessing Learning Station via personal computers are the latest versions of Edge Chromium and Chrome (both of which are freely available to download and install on both Windows and Apple computers). The Learning Technologies team will support the use of these browsers on personal computers at the start of best effort basis. 

Should you have any queries or concerns, please email us at EdTech@fireandemergency.nz

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