We have 11,977 operational people working at Fire and Emergency and of these 9,647 had completed the Working Safely Around Water training module as at 1 July this year. That’s up from just over 6800 people who had completed the training by December 2019.

National Manager Response Capability Paul Turner says this means that 81% of Fire and Emergency’s operational members have upskilled using module 1: Working Safely Around Water and are more aware of the dangers and risks associated with working around water during flooding events.

“As we are in New Zealand’s ‘rainy season’ this skill is even more important now than ever - we are more prone to being called out for flooding events now and over the next few months.

“So for those of you who have completed it – good work! For those of you who haven’t quite got that far yet, the online module will take about 90 minutes of your time and will add to your knowledge and skills.”

To complete the module, go to the Learning Station (external link)(external link)and search for Water 1. Working safely around water.

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