In September, the Type 3 Appliance Procurement Project announced that we had started the evaluation phase of our four next generation Type 3 appliances.

The Evaluation phase is comprised of two rounds of our crews evaluating the appliances and we have just finished Rotation 1. The crews will complete a user survey and provide feedback on their opinions on the relevant appliance. 

The appliances will now enter the maintenance period, where they’ll be serviced, groomed, and relocated to their next station for Rotation 2.

For Rotation 1, the two Emergency One appliances were at Auckland City Station (Pump Rescue Tender) and Napier Station (Pump). The two Angloco appliances were at Hamilton Station (Pump) and Christchurch City Station (Pump Rescue Tender). 

Rotation 2 starts in January when the appliances will be swapped over – the Emergency One appliances will go to Hamilton and Christchurch and the Angloco appliances will go to Auckland and Napier. Rotation 2 ends in April 2024 and crews will then again complete surveys and provide feedback. 

The feedback from staff evaluating these appliances will be used to influence the final design before we select our preferred supplier.


Angloco PRT at Christchurch

Emergency One pump at Napier

Angloco pump at Hamilton

Emergency One PRT at Auckland

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