New Zealanders are being targeted in a text message phishing campaign. The messages claim to be from various organisations, including NZTA, Apple, Uber, postal services and many others. The messages will claim the recipient has unpaid tolls or fees or otherwise needs to pay a small sum. They also contain a link that looks like a shortened URL.

Scammers change the language of these messages often, so be aware that they may change from the description above.

Read full advisory(external link)

 If you receive a text message of this nature, forward it free-of-charge to 7726. This is a service run by the Department of Internal Affairs. They will reply and ask for the phone number that sent it.

Also report the URL to CERT NZ either on our website or contact us on 0800 CERTNZ.

Report an incident to CERT NZ External Link(external link)

Do not click the link in the text message, just delete it after reporting.

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