Our personal details will be much better protected with a new Privacy Act that comes into force on 1 December.

The Privacy Act 2020 overhauls the former 1993 law which was passed when the way we lived and worked was vastly different to today. Now, we spend a large amount of our time online and our information is collected by organisations in New Zealand and around the world.

Our personal details are those that identify, or could identify, us such as address, telephone number, date of birth, medical records, and bank account details. Our privacy is breached, for example, if an organisation reveals our details to someone else or someone can access our details without proper authority.

Our Chief Legal Advisor and Privacy Officer Sid Wellik says all of us at Fire and Emergency have a role to play in protecting our people’s personal information.

“If you are concerned that someone’s personal information is being shared with others who shouldn’t have access to it, please let me know. For instance, someone may be able to access a restricted ICT network drive and see information about others that they shouldn’t be able to. If you are aware of any possible breach of privacy, email me with the details so I can investigate.”

For more information see the guidance on the Portal about how we deal responsibly with personal information.

This week is Privacy Week. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner marks Privacy Week each year to promote privacy awareness and to inform people of their rights under the Privacy Act. It is also to help educate businesses, organisations and agencies of their responsibilities and obligations with personal information. There is more information on Privacy Week 2020 and the Privacy Act 2020 on the Privacy Commissioner's website(external link).


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