Internal resources

The following resources are designed to support our employee led networks to formally set up and successfully operate at Fire and Emergency: 

Employee Led Network guidelines

This document sets out the guidelines and administration processes for formal Employee Led Networks at Fire and Emergency. 

New Employee Led Network checklist template

Use this checklist in association with the above guidelines to help navigate the requirements of setting up a new formal network.

Terms of Reference template

The Terms of Reference set out the arrangements for a network and documents fundamental information such as its purpose, governance and membership, meeting schedule, level of administrative support and so on. The Terms of Reference may also help inform potential members. 

Action Plan template

Use this action plan template to outline your network's plan for the year, including details to support any funding requirements. 


Annual Report template

Formal employee led networks report back to the organisation each year on their activities, expenditure and achievements. This template sets out the annual report requirements.


External resources

There are also external resources and information that employee led networks can access as follows:

Employee Led Networks(external link)

Employee Led Networks in the New Zealand Public Sector help employees to connect, share ideas and support each other in reaching their potential. This website has information on networks, events and resources.
(external link)

Diversity Works is New Zealand's national body for workplace diversity and inclusion. 

Fire and Emergency has membership to Diversity Works and can access:

  • Diversity Awards New Zealand
  • annual Diversity Calendar (e.g. Matariki, Mental Health Awareness Day, Auckland Pride, etc.)
  • diversity, equity and inclusion research and training.


Employee led networks can request access to the Diversity Works member area by emailing Organisational Development.

Online learning

The following online learning modules offer personal development opportunities to all our people. These can be accessed through Learning Station, Fire and Emergency's virtual training and eduction hub:


Kaupapa Māori

Learning about any culture is about starting out small and taking that next step. We are all sitting at difference levels of comfort and capability and by taking the time to work through He Tīmatanga Kōrero - An introductory guide to Kaupapa Māori you're taking that next step in your learning. Kia kaha!

After reading the guide, complete the online knowledge check in Learning Station to be awarded Te Tohu, a pin you can wear to show progression in your cultural education.

Being an Upstander

When it is safe to do so, it's up to each one of us to step in and shut down harmful banter and behaviour early. This module looks at what respect is, what it looks like and why it matters.

Our Words Matter

We all have an important role to help make Fire and Emergency a safe, respectful and inclusive place to work. this module may help you understand decisions that shape our brains, drive our behaviours, where and how unconscious bias can show up, and ways to combat it.

Including the Rainbow Communities at Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Fire and Emergency and the Rainbow communities within our organisation strive to create unique relationships with every New Zealander. This module provides the tools to create confidence in having respectful and confident conversations with people in the Rainbow communities and create safe, respectful and welcoming environments. 

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