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When to use

Use this page to get advice and support when you or one of your team has a wellbeing concern, and are looking to access support, or want information about what's available.

It’s important to know that you don’t need to report or make a complaint to access any of the below support services, these support services are available to you whenever you need them.

For the process to address bullying, harassment, victimisation or sexual harm see: Respond to bullying, harassment and victimisation and any instance of sexual harm

In a crisis

If there’s an urgent psychological need, either:


To access/report Through... Then...



Your GP

Your GP is usually the first port of call when you’re having a tough time, either physically or mentally.

Contact your GP directly to make an appointment

Peer support

Peer Supporters are volunteers, who give up their own time to support their colleagues and who understand the work and stress it may cause.

Peer Support can be accessed via ComCen or through your local peer support team member.

See Who to contact > Region contacts for support.


Counselling is a short term, solution focused, conversation designed to help you address immediate concerns such as personal and work-related stress, change management, relationship problems, budgeting support, managing conflict and much more.   

Fire and Emergency will fund a limited number of counselling sessions for you, your spouse or other immediate family through our national provider Vitae. You can view a list of Vitae’s services here(external link).

Fire and Emergency provides this service free to you. 


To book an appointment call 0508 664 981 or complete the Counselling referral form at > Counselling referral(external link) .


  • Your identity and details will be kept confidential.
  • The first three sessions are paid for by Fire and Emergency New Zealand. The provider can request, in confidence, that we fund additional sessions when further help is required.
  • Contact the Manager Wellbeing if you have any problems accessing the service.


You can seek psychological wellbeing support via the Safe@Work system. This will offer the option of accessing follow up support, or for reporting purposes only

Enter an event through the Safe@Work system under the psychological event tab.
Workplace referral

Professional psychological support

For other or longer-term psychological support, you can access Clinical Psychologists and other health professionals through your Region SHW Advisor, Welfare Officer, or through the Injury Management Unit.

Contact your Region SHW Advisor, Welfare Officer, or through the Injury Management Unit, refer to Safety, Health and Wellbeing Team contact details. 

Chaplaincy support

Chaplains are here to support you by providing a listening ear. They bring a spiritual approach, focusing on providing guidance and advice.

Traumatic events

Comcen - K13 Code

The purpose of the K13 code is to track incidents that are (or have the potential to be) traumatic, distressing or may be infectious to our personnel.

Traumatic events are subjective by nature, meaning what is traumatic for one firefighter may not be traumatic for another. So it is important for crews to have post-incident discussions to decide whether to send a K13. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and put in a K13.

A K13 should be transmitted by the Officer in Charge (OIC) after any incident that was or had the potential to be traumatic, distressing or infectious.  This can be done in combination with a K41, or separately when an incident has not resulted in a fatality but has or could have caused distress to any member of the crew.

The K13 code is for tracking purposes only. If you need support following the incident, contact any of the providers on this page.


You can report psychological wellbeing support via the Safe@Work(external link) system.

Enter an event through the Safe@Work system under the psychological event tab

Other internal and external support

If you need Then...
Tikanga Māori and Pacific Island people-based support services See Who to contact > Region contacts for support in the right-hand panel, or ask your Iwi Liaison Officer, Region SHW Advisor or Welfare Officer for contact details.
Help from the Firefighters’ Welfare Society

Contact the New Zealand Firefighters’ Welfare Society on 0800 653 473 or your local representative(external link).

See link) for the list of reps, membership and benefit information.

Help with an employment relationship problem

Contact a union representative, a manager, HR Manager, Community Law Centre, the Citizens Advice Bureau or a lawyer. See How do I: Raise and resolve employment relationship problem.

Help with a volunteer issue

See How do I: Resolve volunteer issue.
Note: You can also access UFBA/FRFANZ advocacy and support services for any dispute, complaint or conflict free of charge. Contact the UFBA on 0508 832 269 or via link).
Dealing with bullying or harassment

See How do I: Respond to bullying and harassment.

For advice, counselling and support, use any of the support services listed above.

Note: We have a complaints process while we work towards a permanent solution.

Find out more: Current process for bullying and harassment complaints.

Other external support helplines See the back of the Staying well booklet for a list of other external support services who can help with things such as an addiction, depression or domestic abuse.
Help with an injury or illness See the Injury Management Unit (IMU) 

Support for those affected by sexual harm

If you’re looking for help to do with sexual harm, the Government’s Safe to Talk(external link) helpline offers free confidential contact with trained specialists. Available at any time, day or night, seven days a week. Contact Safe to Talk on 0800 044 334.

We also have a page with information about how to get support for victims of sexual harm.

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What happens next?

Where internal support services don’t meet your need, contact your Region Wellbeing Advisor, Region SHW Advisor, union/association rep, HR Manager, or Injury Management Unit to discuss other options.

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