Welcome to the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Portal.

The Portal is an authenticated website, providing all personnel with access to information and processes to help them with the task at hand.

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Accessibility / Logon

The Portal has been built to be as accessible as possible in order to cater for a predominantly volunteer organisation. All pages and news areas of the Portal are open-access (whether from home, or on-station), with all documents and some areas of content (e.g. notices, documents) requiring users to log on with their credentials.

Logging in to the Portal
To fully access the Portal, log in above using the same details you used to log onto your device. That is:

If this doesn’t work, restart your device and try again. If the issue continues, please contact the ICT Helpdesk on 0800 374 843 or ictsupport@fireandemergency.nz
We acknowledge that multiple logons may be required for some personnel. There is a priority piece of work to enable single-sign-on for all Fire and Emergency services.

Documents (and Find a Document)

The Portal uses a one-to-many approach to documents. This means they are loaded into a central folder and linked throughout the site as required.

This approach reduces the likelihood of document duplication, enforces the ‘source of truth’ mentality of an intranet, but is also dependent on quality metadata to help drive a successful search.

Each Document has its own landing page. This is to provide users with more context before downloading, so that they’re not downloading unnecessary documents.

The Find a Document section of the Portal is an advanced search for all documents. It’s driven by categorisation, keywords, tagging and other metadata. This is a change to the traditional way of finding documents – which is typically navigating through pages to find a document link.

Search vs. Find a Document

The main search bar is a keyword search across the whole Portal (pages and documents). Content pages will take priority.

Find a Document is specific to documents, and has a variety of filters to help narrow down your search results.

Who uploads/manages documents?

  • Content Owners, or delegated members of their team
  • Business Services personnel
  • NHQ Web Team

How Do I

These sections help guide users through common non-operational processes, procedures and policies. 

Who uploads/manages How Do I?

Notices, News, Blog and Events

Notices are ‘must read’ information for all personnel. Each notice specifies a category and audience, and are typically operations or safety focused. Headings and summaries are viewable by all, but the full notice will require a log-in. Notices are typically issued by members of the Senior Leadership team.

News and Blogs are internally focused articles, typically related to our industry or organisation. They are open access and are filtered by category and location.

Who uploads/manages Notices, News & Blogs?

  • NHQ Communications Team
  • Regional Business Services Teams

Projects and Programmes (Find out more about)

This section is for long-term, but limited lifespan pieces of work. They are usually projects that impact a large percentage of the organisation, or of high interest.

National Resources & Teams

It also includes resources and information, as well is teams/personnal you can contact.


These sections are ‘hubs’ of content for Regions, pulling in relevant documents and other content as determined by the regional administrators.

Volunteer Hub

The Volunteer Hub is a central source of key/common resources used by volunteers. It pulls in relevant documents and other content as determined by the national administrators.

Vacancies & Appointments

This section lists current vacancies, as well as recent appointments. It’s regularly updated and managed by the People & Capability team in NHQ.

Tools and Applications

This is the full list of all applications/sites used by personnel.
The list in the main menu is determined by ‘most used and requested’ by the organisation.


These links are regularly used/useful items of content or links. They’re surfaced here, as they are areas that are tucked away a few layers deep within the Portal.

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