Bullying and harassment have no place at Fire and Emergency.

We have a bullying and harassment complaints process for people who want to raise a complaint or seek advice about their options. This process allows people to talk with someone impartially and confidentially.

How to raise a complaint or seek advice

If you have experienced unwanted behaviour and would like to raise a complaint or seek advice, you can contact our Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO) who will deal with your matter completely confidentially.

Reaching out to someone can be difficult and stressful. We are here to support you and take reports of unwanted behaviour seriously.

You can contact the BCO by:

Someone from the BCO will respond to you within three working days.

What is the Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO)

We have established a Behaviour and Conduct Office and an interim director has been appointed.

When fully operational, the BCO will be the central point for education, training and guidance related to value-based behaviour. The BCO's full functions are being scoped and consulted on soon.

At the moment the BCO manages our bullying and harassment complaints process.

What the BCO will do with your information

The information you provide allows the BCO to contact you about your complaint and determine the next steps for resolving your complaint in a fair and transparent way.  The BCO is completely separate from the issue and those that are involved in the complaint.

Any personal information that you provide us will be confidential and will not be shared unless you give us your permission to do so, or where there is a risk of harm to you or someone else.

You can also contact the BCO  to enquire about the process and seek information on how to deal with unwanted behaviour or to respond to a complaint.

Who can use our current complaints process

Our current complaints process is available to anyone who wants to raise a complaint of bullying and/or harassment by Fire and Emergency people, or to seek advice or information about the options and process for resolving complaints.

The current process is:

  • available to employees, volunteers and members of the public.
  • available as a resource for managers and leaders to provide information about how to respond to complaints, and supporting early resolution where possible
  • in place from Monday 2nd March 2020 and forms the first function of the Behaviour and Conduct Office.


Behaviour and Conduct office:

Phone: 0800 470 951


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