We take complaints of unwanted behaviour very seriously. Bullying and harassment of any kind does not support our values or expectations of each other, and have no place at Fire and Emergency.

The Behaviour and Conduct Office is the internal mechanism for providing support and resolving complaints about unwanted behaviour. It is available to Fire and Emergency employees, volunteers, contractors and members of the public.

How to seek advice, ask for support or raise a complaint

Reaching out to someone can be difficult and stressful - we are here to support you and take reports of bullying and harassment seriously.

If you or someone you are supporting has experienced bullying or harassment behaviour, you can contact our Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO) to seek information, get advice or raise a complaint.

Contact the BCO by:

Someone from the BCO will respond to you as soon as possible.

Is this an emergency?

In an emergency, call 111 or visit your nearest hospital emergency department.

Support for those affected by sexual harm

If you’re looking for help to do with sexual harm, the Government’s Safe to Talk (external link)helpline offers free confidential contact with trained specialists. Available at any time, day or night, seven days a week. Contact Safe to Talk on 0800 044 334.

What will the BCO do with my information?

The information you provide when making a complaint will be kept as confidential as possible and will only be shared on a ‘need to know’ basis, such as with individuals who are responsible for responding to the concerns you have raised (for example, your region HR Manager).

Your information won’t be shared without your knowledge. However, if there are immediate concerns for your safety, or that of another person, the organisation may be required to take action without letting you know first.

If you have concerns or questions about how your information may be shared with others, please feel free to contact the BCO to discuss.

Need help or advice?

If you need  Then go to:
Support and advice about a sexual assault Support for victims of sexual harm
Our Code of Behaviour | Tikanga Whanonga

Our Code of Behaviour - A4 version

Our Code of Behaviour - A3 poster 

Support for your wellbeing Seek safety, health and wellbeing support
Help in an emergency or crisis Call 111 and ask for Police or Mental Health Crisis Services(external link) for urgent psychological support
Our policy on bullying and harassment Policy to address bullying, harassment and victimisation
Our policy on standards of conduct Standards of conduct policy
How we address bullying, harassment,  victimisation and sexual harm Respond to bullying, harassment and victimisation and any instance of sexual harm 
Examples of workplace bullying Bullying at work: Advice for workers quick guide(external link)
Advice as a manager How to respond as a leader/manager advised of unwanted behaviour

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