Consultation closes 26 May

We're looking to introduce some changes to better support our Volunteer Brigade Leaders and we welcome your feedback on these proposals. 

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About Eke Taumata

Eke Taumata is a new programme established to support Fire and Emergency to achieve long-term workplace culture change and ensure a positive work experience for our people.

Part of the remit of Eke Taumata is to respond to the recommendations in the Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission review released in December 2022. You can find the full review and recommendations(external link) on Te Kawa Mataaho’s website.

The recommendations fall into five key themes:

  1. Strong and accountable leadership
  2. Clear expectations and consequences
  3. Diverse leaders and workplace
  4. Improved people management
  5. Independent determination of complaints.

If we want to change our culture, we need to do more than implement the recommendations. We also need to recognise the intentions behind the recommendations and make the systemic changes needed to build a workplace defined by respect and inclusion.

We have a collective responsibility for this mahi – Eke Taumata is about our values and who we are and want to be as an organisation.

We’re committed to doing this right, which means taking the time to understand, to build a strong foundation and then to move forward together in the right direction.

We’ve changed how we manage complaints

Speak Safe @ Fair Way is now available.

We’ve partnered with external provider, Fair Way | Kia Tau, experts in dispute resolution, to deliver our independent enquiries and complaints service – Speak Safe @ Fair Way(external link). The service is now live and available to all our people – including volunteers and contractors. More information about Speak Safe @ Fair Way is available on the Speak Safe @ Fair Way page(external link).

Speak Safe @ Fair Way is free, confidential, and independent. You can get in touch by:

Current cases

If you’re involved with an existing BCO case, the BCO will be in touch with you regarding the plan for managing your case to resolution. 

About our name:

Eke Taumata is the abbreviated version of 'Kia eke ki ngā taumata' – to aspire to greater level. 'Taumata' refers to a pinnacle or higher level. Other interpretations refer to taumata as being the top of a hill, an improved desired state or vision. In our context we can describe our own taumata or the desired state for our workplace. 'Eke' is a verb that in our context means to climb or embark upon. Together the two words describe our active journey to our desired improved state.


We've changed how we manage complaints

We’ve changed the way we manage complaints - from initial enquiries through to resolution. Issue, issues, complaint, complain, complaints, concern, concerns, concerned, support, kāpehu, kapehu, investigate, investigation, coaching, SpeakSafe, Speak…