Each region has elected representatives from their area at meetings held throughout NZ.

We encourage everyone to attend a meeting when they are held in your area/region. The aim of the meetings is to create a safe inclusive space, where our women can discuss any issues we have, share the good things that’s happening, and enjoy the opportunity to network with other women working in similar roles. Feedback from past meetings has been extremely positive

Should anyone need to contact us for support or advice, please email:

Regional contacts

Area Contact
General enquiries RWANTeHiku@fireandemergency.nz
Chair Nicky Lafferty
Deputy Chair

Morgan McKenzie


Laura Lindsay

Region HQ

Fiona Clark

Male Champions

Myles Taylor

Vaughan Mackereth

Richard Twomey

Area 1 - Muri Whenua Kaye AhSam
Area 2 - Whangarei/Kaipara

Linda Jarrett

Penny Searle

Ady Mckenzie

Area 3 - Waitemata 

Katie Pocock

Nicky Lafferty

Sarah Capon

Area 4 - Auckland City

Tobi Noble

Mary Harding

Area 5 - Counties-Manukau

Kate Winchester

Dora Dehar 

Northern/Whangarei/Kaipara Rural Fire District

Shivon Gadsby

Merilene Horsford

Auckland Rural Fire District Morgan McKenzie
Area Contact

General enquiries 

Chair Renee Potae
Deputy Chair Erika Sedin
Secretary Leanne Cryer
Male Champion  
Area 6 - Waikato Karen Holmes
Area 7 - Eastern Waikato

Erika Sedin

Jenna Arnel

Siobhan Flaningan

Leanne Cryer

Area 9 - Central Lakes

Kimberley Bruce

Renee Potae

Michelle Forrest

Area 10 - Tairawhiti Trudi Hicklin
Pumicelands Rural Fire District  Brenda Davis
Area Contact
General enquiries RWANTeUpoko@fireandemergency.nz

Jay Rickard

Deputy Chair

Janis Baker


Belinda Cadzow

Male Champions

Bruce Stubbs 

Clive Lennox

Area 11 - Hawkes Bay

Sarena Montgomery

Joanna Read

Area 12 - Taranaki

Taja Smith

Mia Lennox

Janis Baker

Area 13 - Whanganui

Jay Rickard

Area 14 Manawatu

Anna Gordon

Katie Wilson-Bryant

Belinda Cadzow

Sarah Knight

Area 15 - Hutt/Wairarapa

Alicia Terry

Marcia Hunter

Area 16 - Wellington

Angel McSaveney

Area Contact
General enquiries RWANTeIhu@fireandemergency.nz
Chair Donna Lindsay
Deputy Chair Martina Perez
Secretary Aleisha Jellyman 
Male Champions

Trevor O'Dea

Dave Berry

Area 17 - Tasman Marlborough Suzanne Lankshear
Area 18 - West Coast

Aleisha Jellyman 

Jill Waines

Area 21 Christchurch Metro

Brittany Meiklejohn

Kerri Pring

Emma Hay

Area 22 South Canterbury

Donna Lindsay

Martina Perez

Nelson Tasman Rural Fire District Bella Clark 
North Canterbury Rural Fire District Karen Davies
Mid-South Canterbury Rural Fire District

Deb Walker

Carrie Lakin

Area Contact
General enquiries RWANTeKei@fireandemergency.nz
Chair Barb Olah
Deputy Chair Amber Hollis

Donna Wallace

Male Champions

Laurence Voight

Jason Sarich

Area 23 - East 

Amber Hollis

Area 24 - East Otago

Jude Patterson

Barb Olah

Aimee Taylor

Sally Chesterfield

Francine Keach

Area 25 - Southland

Helen Bull

Arianna Kane

Southern Rural Fire District

Lucy Hardy-Allen

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