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Rachael Utumapu

National Advisor Women's Development


Phone: 021 159 6898

Rachael is responsible for:

  • Developing the national work programme for the women's operational workforce
  • Working to develop future work programmes and promoting the roles of women in Fire and Emergency
  • Supporting and advising regional managers
  • Contribuiting to the education of the wider community regarding oppportunities available for women in Fire and Emergency
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Soncerei Hemingway

Advisor Women's Development


Phone: 027 222 3422

Soncerei is responsible for:

  • Providing day to day support, co-ordination and guidance to the Regional Women's Networks (RWAN) ensuring national connection and consistency.
  • Provides advice and support to the wider Women in Fire and Emergency (WFENZ) network.
  • Supports the Manager of Women's Development to service the National Women's Advisory Committee (NWAC).
  • Works with the Manager of Women's Development, other functional leads and Fire and Emergency Managers to successfully implement new iniatives and policies.

Project team members

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Kaye AhSam


Phone: 027 179 2899

Kaye is normally a Station Officer at Kaitaia and Volunteer Support Officer in the Muri Whenua area, but spends some of her time working with the Women's Development team on:

  • the database of women in Fire and Emergency


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Katie Pocock



Katie is a Senior Station Officer at Takapuna Fire Station, but is giving some of her time to the Women's Development Team for project work.

Katie is responsible for:

  • Updating the pregnancy guidelines for operational firefighters

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