Canada Deployment Newsletter #2

23/08/2017 | Operational, Volunteer | National

Sunday marked the end of the first week for the deployment team in Canada. It’s been full on and fast with little room to catch one’s breath since both teams landed in their respectful areas. It’s definitely a learn-as-you-go job and yes, we’re stuffed, but each day that we head out our confidence builds.

New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society news

18/08/2017 | Safety, Health & Wellbeing | National

The New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society is an independent organisation for all firefighters and their families. Since its inception the Welfare Society has focused on helping the workforce of Fire and Emergency be they volunteer firefighters, career firefighters, rural firefighters or administration staff and their families.

Enhancing the Portal

17/08/2017 | ICT/Technology | National

We’ve listened to your feedback and introduced several enhancements to improve your experience with the Portal, which is now Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s main information channel.

How do I deploy?

16/08/2017 | National

Fire and Emergency New Zealand has recently deployed 80 firefighters and incident management specialists to help contain wildfires in Canada. For those interested in future international deployments, here is the process on how a deployment happens, and how you might apply to be part of the contingent.