July Monthly Update

01/08/2018 | ICT/Technology, Organisational change, Operational | National

This month’s focus has been on gearing up for consultation on the operating model which kicks off on 24 August. It’s important to me that our leaders are fully informed and involved in the consultation process so they can provide and share information to best support their crews and people in this time of change.

May Monthly Update - From the Top

01/06/2018 | Honours & Awards, Achievements, ICT/Technology, Training, Organisational change | National

Keeping you connected with what’s going on with communities and the change we are going through is crucial as we build the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand.In this month’s FENZ Update you will find insights into how we are working together on the front line and behind the scenes. There’s a lot going on – some of it is obvious to everyone and some involves planning and thinking and changing that isn’t quite so visible.

Have your say

17/04/2018 | Organisational change | National

Fire and Emergency New Zealand, in conjunction with our unions and associations, has produced a video to encourage our people to get involved in helping develop the proposed Operating Model.

Shaping our future

19/03/2018 | Organisational change | National

At the end of last year, about 40 people from across Fire and Emergency New Zealand got together to identify the key features of our proposed Operating Model. The Operating Model will guide what we will do, how we will do it and the way we will work. It will help us better meet the changing risks and needs of our communities.

Facebook Q&A with the CE

08/12/2017 | Organisational change | National

On Wednesday 13th December at 1930 hrs Rhys Jones, Chief Executive of Fire and Emergency NZ, will answer any/all questions from members in the Firefighters Discussion Group regarding Monday’s announcement of the Fire and Emergency Blueprint.