We are now ready to migrate our SEEMail services and Mail Filtering to our new provider, Liverton Security.

What is it?

SEEMail provides a method of securely transferring email between approved government agencies. At Fire and Emergency New Zealand, our emergency response partners use SEEMail to ensure emails are transmitted securely.  We are transitioning to Liverton Security‚Äôs SEEMail service which many government agencies are using successfully today.

Why is it happening?

Based on a thorough independent review last year the decision was made to move to a robust, secure SEEMail managed service.  The successful vendor through this selection process was Liverton Security and we have now completed all the necessary pre-work to be ready to migrate to this service on Tuesday 11th February.

When is it happening?

Tuesday 11th February 2020 5.00pm

What do I do?

No action is required.   You may notice some of the wording in the automatic email notifications will differ slightly and the end of your emails in your emails will include scanned by SmartGate instead of scanned by MailMarshal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Support or (if you have access) load a ticket via Zendesk.

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