To recognise your commitment to Fire and Emergency New Zealand and communities throughout the country, the Board offers a gift to personnel who serve 25 years with the organisation. 

We’ve recently made some changes to the gift and to the eligibility criteria to align with our new organisation. Importantly, and in-line with our unification work, in future this gift will now be presented to everyone who reaches 25 years of service – rural and urban, career and volunteer, uniformed and non-uniformed – because every person contributes to the success of the whole organisation and will be recognised.

Additionally, the award will be back-dated for current serving rural personnel who have served for 25+ years with one of the 40 organisations that amalgamated to form Fire and Emergency. 

Another change is that personnel can now choose between two designs for their gift, selecting one that resonates most and best represents the receiver’s relationship with Fire and Emergency – either a pounamu or a metal token of the helmet and axes from our crest upon a solid base. As is fitting for a gift of such importance, thorough consideration has gone into developing the base and design, and each gift base is crafted with care from recycled New Zealand rimu.

Helmet and axes

  • The symbol of helmet and axes is made of solid metal
  • It is taken from the Fire and Emergency New Zealand crest and has links to our history and both urban and rural brigades

25 years gift axe


The pounamu has been sourced from the West Coast and carved by Fayne Robinson in Christchurch.

  • Each year a single stone will be sourced from which each of the 200+ taonga (gifts) will be carved.
  • The four quadrants on the pounamu represent four quarters of a whole. Each quadrant has its own essence and meaning, and holds the essence of the other quadrants. It represents the fact that we are each unique and yet stronger as a whole. There is a strong linkage to our deployment stone's design.
  • The pounamu can be removed from the base and worn.



 Find out more about the Board gift for 25 years' service on the Portal (listed under Related Documents on Honours and awards)

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