In April, Rebecca Keoghan, our Board Chair, announced her request for Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission to undertake an independent review of our progress to build a positive workplace culture. This comes three years on from the release of retired Judge Coral Shaw’s independent review of our workplace policies, practices, and procedures to address bullying and harassment.

Further details regarding the Review can be found in the Minute below, published by the Reviewer, Belinda Clark QSM.

While the Review will be carried out in a respectful and sensitive manner, the subject matter or the kōrero you may have with the Review team may be distressing for some. Please remember there is a range of support options you can access, and 24/7 counselling services are available to all personnel through our external EAP provider.


Te Kawa Mataaho - Public Service Commission
Review of FENZ’s Workplace Culture and Complaint Handling Practices

Minute of Process


  1. As set out in the terms of reference for this Review, Deputy Public Service Commissioner Ms Helene Quilter has appointed the Reviewer to independently assess Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) workplace culture and complaint handling practices.
  2. This minute sets out the process for FENZ personnel (i.e., employees, volunteers and contractors) to engage with the Review. This includes engagement with current and former FENZ personnel.

Focus of this independent Review

  1. The focus of this Review is on the systemic or organisational aspects of how FENZ manages complaints and the workplace culture at FENZ. Individual complaints or cases are relevant insofar as they may illustrate system-wide features. However, the resolution of specific complaints will not be addressed through this Review.

Contact information for the Review

  1. The Review has established an email address Anyone who wishes to submit their thoughts or experiences of complaints handling or workplace culture at FENZ can email this address. All information and feedback received through this email address will be considered and analysed by the Review.
  2. Submissions received through the email will close on 5 August 2022.

Intended process

  1. The process for the Review will encompass a document review, the receipt of submissions and meetings.
  2. Information and feedback obtained from all these processes and channels will be analysed by the Review. The Review will make a report of its findings to the Deputy Public Service Commissioner by 1 November 2022.

a) Document Review

  1. The Review will review documents related to FENZ’s workplace culture and complaints handling practices. This will include, but not be limited to: 
    • Judge Coral Shaw’s Independent Review of FENZ’s workplace policies, procedures, and practices to address bullying and harassment (January 2019)
    • KPMG Independent Evaluation Report of the BCO (November 2021)
    • Behaviour and Conduct Office policies, procedures, and evaluations
    • People engagement surveys and related material
    • WorkSafe information
    • Other relevant information concerning complaints procedures, and processes and workplace culture.

b) Engagement Process

  1. In addition to FENZ leadership and other relevant parts of FENZ (including the BCO and the Women’s Development Directorate), the Review will engage with people and groups who wish to provide relevant information. This will be through meetings with individuals or groups that the Review will set up, as appropriate. This engagement is expected to cover:
    • FENZ advisory groups and taskforces (such as National Women’s Advisory Committee, Respect and Inclusion Taskforce and Hiwa-i-te-rangi National Advisory Roopu)
    • Unions and firefighter associations
    • FENZ staff groups and networks
    • Individuals
  1. The engagement process is expected to be completed by 5 August 2022.

c) Channels

  1. The primary point of contact with the Review is the FENZ Review email All FENZ personnel will be advised of this email address.
  2. The Review also proposes:
    • MS Team meetings with staff networks such as but not limited to: – FENZ Women’s Network (WFENZ)
      • Pou Takawaenga Māori Team
      • Whiria te Tāngata
      • Disability network
      • Afi Pasifika
    • Meetings (or phone/zoom/Teams calls) with some individuals, for example women firefighters; people with experience of FENZ complaints processes.
    • Other groups which may be suggested in the course of the engagement

d) Confidentiality

  1. Because of the nature of the Review, focussed as it is on organisational culture, it is not necessary to identify individuals in the report. In order to protect people’s privacy, comments or feedback from personnel will not be attributed. Feedback from engagement will be included as part of the Review’s analysis but without attribution or identification.
  2. Groups or individuals that the Review has engaged with in an official or expert capacity (e.g. FENZ leadership; union and association representatives, workplace and organisational culture experts or other advisors) will be named in an Appendix to the Review.

Information about the Review

  1. Information about the Review can be found on the Public Service Commission website link)


Belinda Clark
FENZ Review
16 June 2022

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