This is an update to notice 012/2019 dated 24/05/19.

This is an update to notice 012/2019 dated 24/05/2019.

Until your Aluminium Trussed Rescue Ladder has been inspected by a trained provider, you must limit their use as follows:

  • AS ladders are not to be used for training unless advised otherwise
  • Only one person on the ladder at a time, where possible
  • Officers should consider alternative tactics where possible to minimise the use of these ladders

Modifications to ladder gantries

A modification kit for the ladder gantries has been designed in conjunction with Fraser Fire. The design has been reviewed by a firm of independent engineers to confirm that it complies with best engineering principles. A kit has been fitted to an appliance with a brand new AS ladder and driven from Wellington to Hawke's Bay and back, and has shown no signs of any damage or rubbing of the two sections of the ladder. In addition, the modified gantry has been checked by an operational crew to confirm that the changes do not impact on the ability to slip and re-stow the ladder safely and quickly at an incident. 

The next step is for Fraser Fire to manufacture the modification kits. This is expected to take 4 - 5 weeks. 

Fitting the modification kits and inspecting the ladders

We are in the process of securing resources from the regions to carry out the fitting of the kits and the proper inspection of the ladders to the manufacturer’s requirements. While the modification kits are being manufactured we plan to train the resources in the fitting of the kits and ladder inspections, and to kit them out with vehicles and the tools required to carry out the work. We anticipate that once the kits are available from Fraser Fire, it will take six weeks to complete the work.

Once the resources, training and equipment are in place we will publish a programme for the completion of the work. Throughout this process we have been keeping our Unions and Associations up to date with progress. 

Further Information

If you have any questions, please contact National Operations Advisor, Rob McMahon at

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