This is an update to the Portal news item dated 08/07/2019.

Work is about to commence

We are about to start work in all regions fitting modification kits to the ladder gantries and inspecting ladders. We have a team from each region trained to carry out the work, and they will be hitting the road in the next week. All the gantry modification kits have been manufactured and delivered to the teams. The work will take place on station and the teams will make contact as necessary as they go round.

We expect the work to be completed by the middle of January, although some regions with fewer affected appliances will be completed earlier.


Ladder inspections

Each AS aluminium trussed ladder that is inspected and passed will be given a sticker. Ladders with a sticker will no longer be subject to the operational mitigations below. Crews will need to check for the sticker on any AS aluminium ladder trussed ladder prior to use at an incident or in training.

Any ladder failing the inspection will be defected, removed from service and Area management will be informed. Replacement ladders will be coordinated through SO Talea Uluakiola.

Once all the ladder inspections are complete we will publish another update.


Operational mitigations

Until an AS aluminium trussed ladder has been inspected and passed, the current operational mitigations still apply:

  • AS ladders are not to be used for training unless advised otherwise
  • Only one person on the ladder at a time, where possible
  • Officers should consider alternative tactics to minimize the use of these ladders where possible


Further information

If you have any questions, please contact National Operations Advisor, Rob McMahon.


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