Fire and Emergency New Zealand have been installing BYOD Wi-Fi into Volunteer Stations over the past 24 months and this task is almost completed. This involved upgrading the broadband line connection speed and the install of a Spark NZ SecureMe multipurpose router to deliver the services required.

Career and Composite stations are connected to, and provided with, a corporate network called Gen-I WAN service which involves different types of ICT infrastructure.

The Mobility Project Team has moved forward with a completely different set of requirements for Wi-Fi, which directly relates to their project.

The Volunteer Station Project focussed mainly on supplying Wi-Fi in the social areas of the station for BYOD devices to offer a free internet connection to its members, whichwas the brief at that time.

Installing Wi-Fi into these sites involves:

  • Auditing and strategic positioning of Access Points.
  • Cabling, network and power outlets.
  • The Mobility Team’s requirements are based around appliance bays, offices, and perhaps other areas of the station.

The current requirement is to install Cisco Wi-Fi access points or multiples dependant on the size of the site. These devices are considerably more expensive and require annual licensing and ongoing costs.

We will be trialling a SecureMe router (same as Volunteer Stations) in Wellington, at the Porirua Station, but also including Ubiquity Wi-Fi access points, which are a one off cost with no licensing required.

Once this trial has been conducted and both Mobility and ICTS are happy with the service delivery then we will progress to install this solution into career and composite stations.

As an organisation, we need to get the right solution that will deliver operational requirements as well as proofing future ICT services within our organisation.

The project has many facets involving many service delivery departments, Procurement, Property, Mobility, Operations, ICTS and Management teams; tying all these groups together for the best outcome is not an easy job, however it needs to be achieved.

I appreciate that the delays are frustrating for all concerned, however we need to get this right the first time.

All parties will be advised well in advance as we progress through to Wi-Fi rollouts in your area.

For more information, please contact: Dave McGillen, Delivery Manager - ICTS,


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