I wish to provide some guidance to personnel regarding the incident in Christchurch today:

We do not think our people are in any imminent danger.

This is, however, an unfolding event and there is no confirmation that there is not an ongoing threat.

In order to minimise risk to operational staff, all regions shall follow this advice. It is designed to reduce the possibility of our people unwittingly entering a scene of high risk:

  • All stations are to operate in lock-down mode¬†
  • Any scheduled training or non-essential activity is cancelled until further notice
  • Career crews should remain on station as per roster at all times and only respond to emergency calls
  • Volunteer staff are to stay away from stations unless for an emergency response
  • The response to PFAs is one pump only until further notice
  • Regions and Areas should identify high-risk locations, such as mosques and ethnic community centres
  • If crews are required to respond to an emergency call in an identified high-risk area, CommCen will work with Police colleagues to provide safe access

Our absolute priority is the safety of our people and all non-essential work should be postponed.

We are supporting the Police with equipment and resources, but not people.

To that effect, the UFBA has notified me that the Combat Challenge this weekend in Cromwell has been cancelled.

I will keep you updated on any developments which necessitate a change to the above guidance.

Nga mihi

Brendan Nally

Deputy Chief Executive, People  

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