The Uniform Retender Project has reached a significant milestone, recently choosing a preferred uniform supplier.

We’re pleased to announce that, following a rigorous procurement process, we have signed the contract with our preferred supplier, The Workwear Group, for the Uniform Retender Project.

We want to thank everyone who participated in wearer assessments where we sought feedback about uniform pieces from two potential suppliers from personnel in select stations. This feedback has been an important part of our decision making.

We also assessed each suppliers on the ground operations, looked at possible new items in their inventory, considered costs per item, and talked about how we would work together.

As part of our new agreement with Workwear Group and as we work through a transition period, we’ll see improved online ordering, new items over time and a stronger partnership to ensure the best outcomes for personnel.

From here, we move into wearer trials.  The trials are an important part of our process. The wearer trials are an opportunity to test proposed new gear and ensure it meets the usability needs of different roles.

Thank you to our Unions and Associations and personnel who have been part of this mahi to this point.  The support of everyone, from subject matter experts in procurement to our unions and operational personnel, has been important in finding the best solution for our people.

As we move into the transition phase with Workwear Group, we will keep you updated on changes that are being made. 

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