A new project is being set up called the Uniform Retender Project (URP) that will be going to market for a supplier/s to provide work/station wear for all operational personnel.

This means that ensuring a fit for purpose uniform for Fire and Emergency operational personnel will become part of business-as-usual uniform procurement.

The outcomes the project is seeking include:

  • A common (based on the current ensemble) uniform for all Fire and Emergency operational personnel.
  • A uniform that enables Fire and Emergency to meet our obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.
  • A contemporary uniform that is fit for purpose and supports inclusion and diversity needs.
  • Compliance with Government procurement rules.
  • An updated supplier contractual arrangement that is beneficial to Fire and Emergency.
  • A proactive and collaborative approach between Fire and Emergency and supplier.
  • Improved and resilient supply chain, warehousing, and logistics.
  • Enhanced research and development capability and proactivity from our supplier.

The URP will replace the Unified Uniform Project, which has formally ceased. A cross-organisational working group is being established to support the “go to market” process.

A significant focus in the near-term will be gathering requirements for the “go to market” process from relevant areas of the organisation before approaching the market; this approach will mean a more efficient process and a better result.

Detailed planning is now set to occur. It is anticipated a request for proposal will be issued in the first quarter of financial year 2023/24, and a supplier/s confirmed in the last quarter of 2023/24. Supply of uniforms under the new contract is expected from the second half of the financial year 2024/25.

This initiative does not affect how people continue to order uniform items from the WorkWear site in the meantime.


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