Throughout November 2018, members of the Working Group for the Type 3 Appliance Acquisition project visited stations across the country to meet with firefighters, talk about the project and get your views on what a Type 3 appliance needs.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in these sessions. We had some insightful discussions and feedback received. Some of the feedback we’ve received so far includes:

  • Regional variances, notably Auckland/rest of country to fit local need.
  • Inner city (metro) smaller, more manoeuverable truck with slightly smaller water tank but big capacity pump.
  • More variety in truck options.
  • Make the testing regime longer, more rigorous and geographically more widespread.
  • Better stowage options for feeders.

You can see a summary of more of the feedback we received on our project page.

Those of you who haven’t already given their feedback can do so by emailing  

We’ve also sent out an Advance Notice to let potential suppliers know that we are looking at options for a new Type 3 appliance. This will give us an idea of what is currently in the market that may fit our needs.

We will keep you updated - check in on the Type 3 Appliance Acquisition project page for the latest.

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