Since the Type 3 Appliance Acquisition Working Group met late last year, we’ve been busy collating your feedback about what features we need from a Type 3 appliance and our Working Group has been establishing real situations and user needs to illustrate these.

At our recent meeting in February this year, the Working Group also looked at a few different types of our current Type 3 appliances to see the good points of each and what could be improved.  The first version of our ‘User Stories and Acceptance Criteria’ can be found here - they may be developed further as we go along.

Next steps

We’re now using these real situations and user needs to do some market research. In the coming weeks, we’ll be making contact with both national and international suppliers to find out what they can offer that meets our needs and what ideas and innovations are out in the market. We’ll also be talking more to other Brigades around the world to find out how what methods they use when they need new Trucks. You can take a look at what we’ll be asking potential suppliers for here.

The information we get from this research will help us form our business case and procurement plan and ensure that we have the best available appliance for our firefighters and New Zealand’s conditions, now and in the future. 

Any questions?

We’ve answered some more of our frequently asked questions and you can read these on the Type 3 Appliance Acquisition project page

It’s been great to see the positive engagement we’ve had so far and the level of research being done by our Working Group in between meetings.

It’s important that we keep you involved throughout the entirety of the project.  We will share updates with you periodically and if anyone has more questions, ideas or feedback, send them to us at

The Working group looking at some of our current Type 3 appliances to see the good points and what could be improved.

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